Signs that your pet is ageing

As a ‘pet parent’ you may not like to think about the fact that your pet is getting older, perhaps because of the risks that come with age, such as cancer, arthritis, brain ageing and kidney disease. But even if your pet is ageing, he or she can now live a longer, healthier life thanks to better care and nutrition.

It’s not always easy to spot the signs that your pet is ageing. In fact in many cases pet parents often miss valuable “nutrition” years because there is little evidence of ageing at the age pets are considered “senior.”. If your pet is aged 7 and over they are considered senior. Large breed dogs reach the senior stage at age 5. “It’s not just what you see on the outside that counts. We know that inside every cell in the body, ageing is occurring,” says Dr Guy Fyvie, Veterinary Affairs Manager at Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Age-related changes start small and these small changes may seem unrelated, or at least unrelated to ageing, but if you’ve noticed your pet sleeping more or acting less excited about playtime, it’s likely that you’re actually seeing some signs of ageing. “The good news is that astute pet parents can spot the signs of ageing once they know the small changes to look out for,” adds Dr Fyvie.

Watch out for the tell TAILS signs of ageing:

  • Your pet may be confused by things that he/she used to experience easily before, such as locating their bed and bowls. They may also get stuck more frequently or find it difficult to pace around familiar obstacles like couches, coffee tables or even people. Your dog may bark for no reason.
  • Your pet may no longer be as interested in normal activities such as playing, running, grooming and exploring their environment. Instead, they may become restless and anxious, pacing around the house or fixating on objects or people.
  • Your older pet may stop socialising with you as much, losing interest in being petted, greeting you at the door or even sitting with you.
  • Loss of control. Kidney disease is common in older pets, particularly cats, and is a leading cause of illness. If your pet is drinking and urinating more, then this could be a sign that the kidneys are not functioning as they should. If you notice changes in your pets elimination routine – there should be cause for concern, it could be a sign of several conditions, including pain, bladder and kidney function and possible loss of brain function. Loss of weight and appetite can also be an indication of renal problems.
  • Sleep-Wake-Cycle. As your pet ages you may notice changes in their sleep patterns, which could indicate a brain dysfunction. This can include being awake more at night or sleeping more in the day. If your pet is restless or sleeps fitfully, there could be a problem.

The right nutrition can fight the effects ageing

The good news is that a simple change of food can make a big difference to an older pet.Through more than a decade of research into how nutrition impacts pets’ cell function, Hill’s has learned a lot about how the right food can help in fighting the effects of ageing.

Hill’s Science Plan Senior Vitality – formally known as Youthful Vitalitywas developed with this in mind. This breakthrough nutrition is formulated with natural ingredients including fruits and vegetables, added fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids – all working together to fight signs of ageing.

  • Brain Function. Powerful antioxidants for a healthy brain to support desire for family interaction
  • Energy and Vitality. Protein and L-carnitine support improved activity and the ability to get moving
  • Healthy Immune System Vitamins C & E help bolster a strong immune system
  • Healthy Digestive System High quality, easy-to-digest ingredients with great taste
  • Luxurious Coat Essential fatty acids promote a coat with increased shininess and softness
  • No added artificial preservatives, flavours or colour.

Cutting-edge food science that transforms lives

In a clinical study1, pets fed Hill’s Science Plan Senior Vitality showed increased vitality, ability to get moving, running and playing, desire to interact and shinier, softer coats. In another in-house study, 70% of owners saw improvements in one or more signs of ageing after just 30 days.2 

Hill’s Science Plan Senior Vitality is available for cats and mini, medium and large breed dogs in dry & delicious stews that cats and dogs love!

1 Clinical study conducted with 214 dogs aged 7-15 years and 82 cats from 8-15 years and with US veterinarians and pet owners.

2 In-House User Test study conducted with a prototype formulation (USA, 2015) via Applied Market Research (IMR) with 279 cats & dogs all above 7 years of age.

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