Anima-Strath Elixir


Anima-Strath® contains a unique Strath Plasmolysate which acts directly on the immune system, strengthening it before and during infection, and promoting a quick and effective recovery. It creates a state of homeostasis which, in turn, helps protect the body against the negative effects of stress, exercise and ageing, and improves physiological functioning.

Not only is Anima-Strath® an immune modulator, it is also proven to significantly improve the uptake of dietary micronutrients, ensuring that your pet is absorbing and able
to process the goodness from their diet better.


How can Anima-Strath® help? Low Immune System • Helps to increase natural immune defences. • Strengthens the immune system before and during infection and disease. • Promotes homeostasis in the body, encouraging a rapid and appropriate immune response to both internal and external stimuli (e.g. infection, allergens, cell damage). • Encourages healthy skin and hair growth. Reducing Recovery Time • Strengthens the body and shortens recovery time. • Helps to stimulate appetite in convalescence. • Promotes the absorption of essential nutrients. Stressful Situations • Supports the body during distress. • Helps to reduce anxiety. Growth and Development • Supports pregnancy and lactation. • Encourages normal growth and development. • Assists with concentration, responsiveness and co-ordination. • Supports the body against physiological deterioration such as in ageing and breeding. Absorption of Micronutrients • Proven to increase the uptake of dietary nutrients by 6 or more times!

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Bottle size

100ml, 1LT, 200ml


  • Contains: Plasmolysed Herbal Yeast, Malt Extract, Honey, and Orange Concentrate.
  • All natural: Our elixir (syrup) is made exclusively from natural raw ingredients and is free from artificial colourants, flavourants, preservatives and synthetic substances.




Daily Dose

Small Animals Up to 15kg ½ teaspoon / 2.5ml
Medium Animals 15 to 30kg 1 teaspoon / 5ml
Large Animals 30 to 50kg 2-3 teaspoons / 10-15ml

What makes Anima-Strath® Unique?

Anima-Strath® is a 100% natural nutritional supplement formulated and manufactured in  Switzerland. ‘Friendly’ yeast is fed with a selection of 50 active plant extracts that nourish, support and balance every organ and every system of your pet’s body. This unique formula has remained unchanged since 1961.

Anima-Strath® is 100% natural and rich in nutrients which are all bio-available, helping the body absorb them easily and effectively. The product has also been proven to increase the absorption of micronutrients from your pet’s diet, ensuring they are processing all the goodness from their food.

Anima-Strath® is suitable for all animals, and with both liquid and granules, this makes it the perfect choice for your pet.


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