Kyron Healthi Treats


Supplement your pet’s regular diet with Kyron’s range of HealthiTreats™ 1-2 biscuits daily.  Give as a reward when training your pet.  Available in three variants Mirra-Cote®, MobiFlex®, Gerivet.


Mirra-Cote® Healthi Treats™

  • Contain Essential Fatty Acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6), Evening Primrose Oil, Flaxseed oil and Fish oil.
  • Help to maintain a healthy skin and coat.
  • A treat with the added benefits of Mirra-Cote®.
  • Each biscuit contains 0.5ml of Mirra-Cote®

MobiFlex® Healthi Treats™

  • Help to maintain cartilage matrix in dogs and assist in the relief of stiffness & joint pain.
  • A treat with the added benefits of MobiFlex® Mobility Supplement.
  • Each biscuit contains 500mg of MobiFlex®-LD

Gerivet Healthi Treats™

  • Contain procaine, vitamins and micronutrients essential for ageing dogs and young dogs showing signs of ageing.
  • Help to improve the general tone and condition of ageing dogs.
  • A treat with the added benefits of Gerivet.
  • Each biscuit contains 500mg of Gerivet.

Additional information

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12 Biscuits per box


Mirra-Cote® Healthi Treats™, MobiFlex® Healthi Treats™, Gerivet Healthi Treats™


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