Kyron Acrisulph Wound Treatment


Acrisulph ointment provides a safe and effective way to treat superficial wounds and burns and gives relief from pain and discomfort. For external animal use only.



Indications:  Equine cracked heels; superficial wounds; burns.

Directions:  Apply regularly to affected areas.

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Lanolin 30%
Sulphanilamide 5%
Cod Liver Oil 5%
Zinc Oxide 2%
Mercurochrome 0,1  %
Acriflavine 0,1  %

Mercurochrome, acriflavine and sulphanilamide have antiseptic and bacteriostatic activity. Zinc oxide is a mild astringent which has a soothing and healing action. The cod liver oil is important as a source of Vitamin A, which helps to restore and maintain healthy epithelial tissue. Lanolin softens the skin and protects against excess moisture loss; this helps to speed up the healing process. 


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