Kyron Purl Advanced Rosemary Shampoo 250ml


This dog & cat shampoo contains triclosan and rosemary oil for that healthy, clean coat we as pet-parents so adore. It acts against bacteria commonly found on skin surfaces, and leaves their coats smelling extraordinary.


  • Suitable for dogs & cats
  • Contains triclosan (an anti-microbial) and rosemary oil for healthy, clean, great-smelling coat
  • Acts against bacteria commonly found on skin surfaces



  1. Wet coat well with lukewarm water
  2. Use PURL shampoo liberally to create a good lather
  3. Wash well and rinse with lukewarm water
  4. Dry your pet thoroughly after washing
  5. Avoid contact with the eyes and if accidental contact should occur, rinse the eyes with clean water

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