Kyron S.T.A Lotion


S.T.A. Lotion is an astringent preparation useful in treating various skin conditions of dogs.


For the treatment of acute moist dermatitis (“hot spots”). S.T.A. Lotion is also used to toughen foot pads of dogs where these are undesirably tender.

Additional information

Weight 0.500 kg
Bottle size

500ml pump spray


Salicylic acid 8% m/v and tannic acid 8% m/v in an alcoholic base.

Mode Of Action

Salicylic acid has bacteriostatic and fungicidal properties and acts as a keratolytic.Tannic acid is astringent. In combination with alcohol, the two organic acids have a powerful astringent action hich precipitates protein, debrides necrotic tissue, cleans and sterilises the affected tissue and allows the granulating process to begin.

Directions for use

S.T.A. Lotion is intended for topical use in animals only. Apply undiluted directly to the skin lesions using a swab every eight hours until the lesion has dried. To toughen foot pads: apply undiluted to the foot pads and between toes.


S.T.A. Lotion is flammable – store and use away from naked flames. avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes.


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