Regal Skin Care Remedy



Specifically formulated with three effective herbs known for treating both acute and chronic skin and coat conditions. This anti-itch herbal remedy will help address skin allergies including fleabites, eczema, rashes and hot spots

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200ml, 400ml

How To Use

Regal’s Skin Care Remedy has been formulated with an artificial beef flavour to ensure administration is stress-free for both you and your dog!

Directions: Administer liquid directly into the mouth or place it into a bowl. If your dog has a fussy palate then simply add some of your dog’s favourite food or snack to the liquid, such as pellets, milk or yoghurt.

Small dogs (1 – 4.5kg) take 2.5ml TWICE a day
Small-medium dogs (5kg – 10kg) take 5ml TWICE a day
Medium dogs (11kg – 20kg) take 7.5ml TWICE a day
Large dogs (21kg and more) take 10ml TWICE a day

For acute conditions increase dose to THREE times a day.

For best results use strictly as per dosage recommendation. Use until symptoms clear or continue as needed.


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