AVI-PLUS Complete Mix Small Seedeaters


Finches, Budgies, Canaries

Complete Mix for small seedeaters contains rolled and roasted peas, maize and wheat mixed with our specially formulated yellow rusk supplement. Manna, Millet, Canary, Linseed, Niger seed and Rape seed are then added. This will supply all the amino acids, fat levels, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and nutricals your birds need to keep them in top condition.

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Additional information

Weight 1.0 kg

Feeding Instructions

  • Add luke warm water t moisten mix (300-400ml per kg dry food).
  • Feed about 3-5g of mixture per bird per day (feed at 10% of birds body weight).
  • Canaries will also enjoy the flowering heads of any weeds (eg. chickweed) and other plants, while budges will appreciate seeding grasses, sprouted seeds and greens (eg. grated carrot).  Some species of Finches requires additional live feed (eg. mealworms).
  • Supply fresh mix daily and ensure that birds always have food available – at least 5% of the feed should be uneaten to avoid feed restriction.
  • Increase feed by 100% or more if birds are feeding young in their nests by adding Egg Food Breeder 19% (the high protein is vital for the first 2 weeks of a chicks life).


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