Kyron Shoo-Fly® Repellent


SHOO-FLY ® products:

  • Prevent flies from infecting your animal with various diseases;
  • Stop flies from being a nuisance to your animal and yourself
  • Repels flies, ticks, fleas, midges and mosquitoes

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Shoo-Fly® Spray 200ml, Shoo-Fly® Spray 750ml, Shoo-Fly® Ointment, Shoo-Fly® Spray Refill 2.5lt

How Does It Work?

The ingredients in Shoo-Fly® work together, creating a multi-pronged approach in dealing with flies.

In both the Spray and the Ointment:

  • Esbiothrin provides an instant knock-down effect.
  • Permethrin is long-acting and acts as a repellent.

When should Shoo-Fly® be used?

Flies are more prevalent during the months of Summer and early Autumn when the weather is warmer and the climate is conductive for breeding.

Use Shoo-Fly® regularly to repel flies from both dogs and equines during these times.  If flies are not prevented from biting, unsightly wounds develop, greater numbers of flies are attracted and there is an increased chance of generalised infection.

How should Shoo-Fly® be used?

If biting flies have left wounds, first clean with antiseptic and remove any blood spots, then brush coat to remove any dirt or dust.

  • Shoo-Fly® Repellent Spray:

Spray Shoo-Fly® on to the coat of the dog or horse or if preferred wipe on with a sponge or soft cloth.  Treat ears and all areas where protection from flies is needed.  Spray with care to avoid getting the solution in the eyes or preferably apply by spraying on a soft cloth and wiping around the facial area.  Repeat as often as required.

  • Shoo-Fly® Ointment:

For use on dogs apply to ear tips and other parts where flies settle.  Rub in well so that the ointment makes contact with the skin.  Repeat application every four to five days or sooner if required.


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